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Armored Vehicles | VIP, Military, MedEvac -- all systems available.


This AAP-54 Is produced in both 2 and 4 wheel drive models!

  • Designed for larger SWAT teams, with room for 15 fully equipped officers.
  • Provides Life Saving armor in Barricaded subject callouts, high risk warrants and active shooter scenarios.
  • Optional Ram device allows personnel to breach doors, windows & fences to deliver non-lethal munitions.


  • Designed for Private Security Contractors and Military personnel.
  • Fully armored with V-Hull Blast Shield to protect against grenades & IED attacks.
  • Optional Blast Seats and Fire Suppression System protects vehicle occupants.


AAP-54 LE Model

  • Primary APC used by SWAT & SRT, Military Police and National Police & Security Forces.
  • Provides lice saving armor in Barricaded Suspects call outs, high risk warrants and active shooter scenarios.
  • Open floor plan allows for response and rescue of downed personnel.


AAP-54 Military Model

  • Designed for military personnel, the 4-door configuration allows for easy entry and egress.
  • Military style turret can be configured for .50 Cal, Dillon Mini Guns & CROWS.
  • V-Hull Blast Shield protects against grenades and IED attacks.


AAP-54 G3 Model

  • All Military Spec Steel Construction.
  • 7.62 AP/.50 Cal BMG Protection.
  • V-Hull Design and Blast Seats Available.
  • Commonality of parts with other AAP-54 Variants.



  • Military tires & wheels provide improved off-road capabilities.
  • Military style turret allows for maximum visibility and protection.
  • V-Hull Blast Shield Protects against grenades and IED attacks.


AAP-54 EOD Model

  • Provides the protection of an armored AAP-54 with the functionality of a bomb disposal vehicle.
  • Tactical robots are stored in the vehicle's elevated rear comprtment.
  • Optional CBRNE and communications equipment designed to detect radiation and explosive gas.

AAP-54 MedEvac LE. Model

  • Designed to meet the needs of SWAT & Tactical EMS teams.
  • Increased vehicle length provides room for (2) Litters to be secured to the floor.
  • Vehicle has 2 on-board oxygen tanks and ample interior compartments for medical supplies and gear storage.


AAP-54 VIP SUV Model

  • Designed for Dignitary and VIP Protection, this is a HD alternative to overweight and under-performing armored SUV s.
  • Fully constructed of armor plate with under body V-Hull Blast Shield and Blast Seats.
  • Seats 6 with a center aisle for easy entry and egress.

AAP-54 MedEvac Military Model

  • Designed for military personnel trained in tactical combat casualty care (TC3).
  • Interior equipped with (4) litters, rolling seat and storage for medical gear.
  • V-Hull Blast Shield, gun ports and rotating roof hatch also allow for tactical operations.

AAP-54 Riot Control Model

  • Equipped with heavy-duty Hydraulic Ram to clear cars, barriers & any debris.
  • Optional Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) designed for effective, non-lethal crowd dispersion.
  • Increased vehicle length provides seating for up to (12) man team.

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