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Clear Path’s next-generation detection technology is far more advanced than any other commercial product on the market today. The cornerstone of our Atometry technology is our revolutionary stoichiometric detection system which can non-invasively, and in real time, accurately decode and decipher mass and chemicals through metal, concrete, steel and other barriers. This technology enables our detection devices to not only “see” through barriers, but to also perform advanced chemical analysis. While traditional explosives identification requires up-close and dangerous interaction with an undefined threat, our non-invasive detection devices provide greater safety for first responders by identifying the exact threat from a remote location. To our knowledge, our Atometer detection devices are the only products in the market with this sophisticated stoichiometric capability, making our detection devices the most accurate systems available today.

Atometry in Action

Atometry sample

Our Atometer detection devices determine the chemical composition of a subject –– an abandoned suitcase, a suspected car bomb, etc. –– by irradiating it with fast neutrons which excite or activate its atomic structure causing the contents of the targeted object to emit gamma rays at varying energies. Gamma rays emitted by each substance carry unique chemical signatures. These signatures are then analyzed by our detectors as to the weight percentage of all elements present to decipher the chemical composition of the substance. Using our proprietary algorithms, a remote computer processes the data and yields a graph of the potential explosive or substance. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) tells the operator if explosives are present based on the ratios of elements, including Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen.

A 97% percent Detection Accuracy Rate

Our Atometer detection devices have a probability of detection of an approximate 97.75%, with “false positive” and “false negative” rates of approximately 3%, and are considered confirmatory because of their unique stoichiometric capability. Our Atometer detectors can be used alone or in combination with other screening, scanning and detection products to provide even greater reliable detection, and substantially eliminate the occurrence of false alarms. X-ray and other “anomaly” detection devices sustain very high rates of false alarms, as they can only infer the presence of an explosive, illicit substance or biological agents.


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