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Surveillance | FutureSentry First Responder



    Each installer easily instructs the robot on the best way to find people and follow them when they come into its territory. When one or more persons enter the covered area, FutureSentry immediately lets them know they have been identified. Then the robot follows orders to action. Those can be as simple as tracking and annoying with its growling lights. They may also include video surveillance, audio responses, live two-way communications, and government or private alert services. Its human-like movements are so natural and convincing that those with harmful motives readily perceive it as a threat.
    Because FutureSentry identifies people and gets involved with them before they near a protected area — as far as 1,000 feet from the robot’s post — when it does its job successfully, nothing happens.

FutureSentry First Responder systems now include:

  • Unlimited 360º rotation of camera and lights in turret pre-wired with industrial rated slip-rings.
  • IP or Analog Camera cables that terminate inside the turret with a CAT5 RJ-45 jack that has a BNC adapter that allows the turret to accept analog signal inputs.
  • Housing and turret are designed to tolerate harsh winter conditions such as snow, ice and wind. The turret enters the main housing through the base of the unit so that the accumulation of frozen materials will not encumber the free rotation of the turret.
  • Camera mount features Independently Adjustable Vertical Pitch with independently adjustable LED Array pitch angle.
  • Standard unit remains black in color, but pre-set and custom colors are available upon request. In addition, the units can be hydro-coated with permanent patterned coatings such as digital-camouflage or any other camouflage pattern upon request. All coatings are UV stable.

FutureSentry Model FS-53

    • Robotic Guard Interface with turret-mounted LED light array.
    • 15 Wireless IR sensors (Average installation requires 8 – 12).
    • Universal Camera Mount.
    • Universal Mounting bracket: 5mm zinc plated steel.
    • Tool Kit with all implements needed to install.
    • Internal Wiring to enable multiple components.
    • Internal RF Receiver with transmitter to receiver Range of up to 304.8 m (1,000 feet).
    • Installation manual.
    • Operator’s manual.




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