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Critical Infrastructure | HySecurity Swing Riser/Gate, Strong Arm Barrier and Hydra Lift

All HySecurity Products Feature a 5-Year Warranty!

For the ultimate in Hydraulic, Heavy-Duty, High Security gates and barriers, Port Authorities, Airports, PetroChem, Utility Plants and Governments choose HySecurity.  If simplicity, reliability and security are what you need, we’re certain one of HySecurity’s products will exceed your requirements.

HySecurity Swing Riser Swing Gate Operator

This product includes, ultra high security and reliability, high cycle, large and heavy gates, and comes with a 5-year warranty. Swing Riser opens gates with an elegant lift and swing movement, raising the gate panel a full 12” during the gate opening cycle. Lifting clears obstacles like snow, rocks, curbs, and gradient differences. Swing Riser’s locking pin secures the gate as it drops into a roadway-locking receptacle when the gate gently lowers at the end of its cycle.

HySecurity Hydra Lift Vertical Lift Operator

Assures ultra high security and reliability, high cycle, wide openings, quick open/close, along with a 5-year warranty. Hy Security guarantees the ultimate high security and speed in this low maintenance product. HydraLift locks fortresses tight without additional hardware. Opens huge gate panels in 8 seconds for quick in and outflows. Hydraulics and controls contained securely in posts and remote panel. It is also suited for sites where additional space for swing or slide gates is unavailable.

HySecurity Strong Arm Barrier Arm Operator

HySecurity guarantees ultra reliability, 2,000 cycles per day, heavy arms, wide openings, and low maintenance with this product, along with its 5-year warrantee. This hydraulic barrier arm operator long outlasts its competition. Strong Arm meets the demanding reliability requirements of corporate industrial and government users and the very long arm needs of specialty applications like airports runways and multiple traffic lanes. Gentle soft-start and soft-stop extend operator life by preventing mechanical wear and tear.

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