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VUMii Sensorii Software and Discoverii Camera

Sensorii software, when integrated with live PTZ video camera, allows the user to manage one or more cameras simultaneously and allows the user to have heightened situational awareness of a specific camera or groups of cameras. Sensorii is aimed to work with most PTZ cameras, especially those geared toward outdoor perimeter protection.

When integrated with live PTZ video cameras, Sensorii software captures a panoramic image representing entire viewing possibilities. Sensorii then registers and synchronizes the live video view with the panoramic map- allowing the user to maintain situational awareness of the live view and allowing the user to quickly navigate by clicking anywhere in the panoramic image.

Senroii is built within the .NET framework and utilizes open architecture principles so that it can easily integrate with hardware and software platforms. Sensorii is available for both windows XP and Windows Vista.

Some of the Features

    • Targets: Yellow circles represent pre-defined targets set by the user. Each target can be saved with optional Sensorii settings.

    • Live Camera View: red square represents where the camera is currently focused.

    • Sensorii Panorama: Total field of regard enabling situational awareness and point and click direction of live day or night image

    • Active Field of View: illuminated live night vision image

    • PTZ: allows user to pan, tilt, and zoom, via mouse or joystick

    • Control Panel: Allows user to create predefined targets, create a daytime panorama, and change illuminator and camera settings.

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