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Explosives Detection | The Best in Portable Explosives Testing from ACRO

Introducing the ETK5, by ACRO – You can depend on the ETK5 for Portability and Speed! 

The ETK5 is a portable micro-laboratory used for the rapid detection of explosives.

Simple to use, sensitive, rapid and precise, highly reliable, with a long shelf life, the ETK5 is also cost effective. The ETK will detect explosive materials on clothes, suitcases, a suspect’s body, door handles, car surfaces, etc. The Israeli police, Israeli security forces and police forces of other countries around the world have successfully used this product

ACRO-Pen - Put a whole explosive detection lab in the palm of your hand

ACRO-SET is an explosive detection kit, comprising of the ACRO-N.E.T and the ACRO-P.E.T, covering a broad spectrum of explosives. The ACRO-SET is the most compact explosive detection kit available and it's the ideal solution for security professionals.

    • Detection of persons having handled explosives.
    • Detection of surfaces having had contact with explosives.
    • Identification of explosives.
    • Cost effective
    • User friendly
    • Completely safe
    • Instant response
    • Disposable
    • Low level of detection (LOD)

The ACRO-SET Includes the ACRO-N.E.T & ACRO-P.E.T.

The ACRO-N.E.T is capable of identifying the full range of well known types of military and commercially available explosives such as: TNT, RDX, C4, PETN, SEMTEX, explosives based on nitrate salts, etc. 

ACRO-N.E.T's simple design and mode of operation specifically developed for ease of handling and can be operated after only a few minutes of easily followed instructions.

The ACRO-N.E.T is extremely safe for both operator and suspect, as there is no direct contact with the chemical components used in the test. All of the test reagents are contained within glass ampoules in specially designed protective plastic tubes.

Proven experience

The ACRO-N.E.T which is based on ETK Plus has been successfully used for many years by the Israeli police and airline and security forces around the world.

The ACRO-P.E.T is the first explosives identifier of its kind, effective against TATP and other Peroxide Based IEDs. It is light, easy to use and gives instant results, even when explosive quantities are small. ACRO-P.E.T.’s high sensitivity, low minimum identification levels and low false positive and negative alarm rates make it a clear leader in explosives identification.

The first choice for first intervention
Perfect for a range of end-users, the ACRO-P.E.T. can be implemented for use by a wide range of anti-terrorist organizations and Law Enforcement Agencies.

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