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Explosives Detection | The Best in Portable Meth & Mold Detection from AAP

AAP R54-ST Methamphetamine Detection System by AAP

The R54-ST Meth Detection System is designed to enhance first responder safety when entering a suspected clandestine lab or responding to a suspected meth lab fire.

R54-ST Meth is…

Simple: sampling ambient air means there is no sample preparation and no technical knowledge required to operate

Lightweight: 3.5 lbs, 12”long, and ergonomically designed

Highly Sensitive: Identify, and discriminate target odors to high sensitivities (ppm and below), giving the user real time and accurate information about his environment.

R54-ST Mold Detection System by AAP

A real time air sampling and sensing device proven to detect microbial volatile organic compound (mVOC) mixtures released by growing mold. R54-ST Mold features a handheld sensing unit, rapid sampling, real time field results, and point of source detection. This mold detection unit is ideal for post remediation verification, screening for mold in hidden or inaccessible places, along with the regular monitoring of suspect areas.


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